Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer of the Kiddos - Part Two: Healthy Snack Bracelets

Getting our little monsters to eat healthy snacks is a big priority for us.  We have been really trying to limit the amount of sugar they have been consuming.  This is a big deal for our youngest in particular, who really seems to react to it.  There have been times when I have wondered if my sweet little boy has been possessed, and then realized that someone had given him chocolate.  It is almost like he loses control of himself... and it is not the most fun to try and reel him back in. I don't mind giving them having the odd treat, but we try to limit it whenever possible.

When I saw these snack bracelets pop up on pinterest, I knew they would be a perfect activity for our little ones.  They are both always asking me to "sew something", and this looked like a great opportunity to let them use a needle and thread.  Because the pieces are so small, and the task itself can be quite finicky, these bracelets took them about a half hour to complete - this was a huge bonus, as I was actually able to get a few things done around the house while they were quietly entertained.  The majority of the snack mix went into their mouths, and not onto the bracelets, but as the ingredients were all healthy, I didn't mind at all.

To make our bracelets, we used dried blueberries, cut up dried mangoes and apricots, cheerios, and popcorn.  Basically, I used whatever I could find in the cupboard that was healthy and small.  If you wanted to switch things up a bit, and didn't care so much about the healthy part, you could always throw some mini marshmallows or gummies into the mix :)

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