Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ancient Egypt: The Nile River

When learning about Ancient Egypt, we spend a significant amount of time learning about the Nile River.  We talk a lot about the key features of a civilization, and the ways the Nile helped the people of Egypt to thrive.  To start, we do some read alouds about the Nile River.  (Can you tell I love children's books?)

Later, we take some notes in our Interactive Notebook about the Nile River.  I really like doing foldables for this - I am a big fan of the interactive nature of foldables, and find they make note taking much more tolerable (by both me and them!). We talk a lot about the gifts of the Nile here, and discuss the ways these things helped Egypt become such a great civilization.

  We also talk a lot about the annual cycle of the river, and end our Nile River study with 3D Nile River Cubes.  These cubes summarize all of the information we have learned about the Nile River, in both written and visual form.  I love tying strings to the completed cubes and hanging them from the classroom ceiling, or stacking them to make a class pyramid.  So fun!  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the completed cubes this year - I will have to make sure to do it next time!

All of the resources I used for these activities are available in my TPT store.  Links to the different Egypt themed lessons I have available can be found under the Social Studies Tab at the top of this page :)

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